Burnley Street Studios

Today we bring you the artists of Burlney Street Studios: Mark, Emma, Uschi, Fiona and Melma.


I have known them all individually as friends, colleagues and mentors for many many years through all their artistic endeavours. Their talents stretch across several creative disciplines, each of them artists, innovators and entrepreneurs in their own right.

The Studio Showroom is a creative space dedicated to the display and exhibition of art, objects and furniture, an ever changing and evolving space that welcomes all.



Heart of Bone

“I was looking for a studio space to work on a series of paintings and I just walked in one day and chatted to Mark and Uschi and it turned out they had a little room for me.” And just like that Emma Abrahams of Heart of Bone found a home at Burnley Street Studios. Emma started off as a painter in her twenties and then moved into the fashion world working with her husband Justin, creative director of Husk. Always searching for something new, Emma recently launched Heart of BoneHeart of Bone creations fuse Emma’s love of everything fashion, pop culture and fairytales together with her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Emma’s work playfully toys with our consumption of celebrity culture and the relentless way we create modern idols. Each piece is handcrafted by Emma, carved in wax and then cast into sterling silver or gold.



Mark Douglass

Mark Douglass has been entranced with the art of glassblowing for more than 20 years. Through an intricate process of heating, blowing, shaping and cooling, Mark creates thick, robust sculptures, vases and bowls that are reminiscent of pop-art and cubist-style design. Some of his pieces are timelessly elegant, others border on the surreal and the bizarre. However Douglass goes beyond the simply decorative, and makes an ambitious artistic statement through using themes and imagery from botanic, figurative and architectural motifs. A master glassmaker, artist and designer, Mark’s work is internationally recognized, with works featuring in galleries in Australia and abroad.



Childhood friends, Uschi and Fiona are the creative minds behind Tekstil. On a recent trip to Turkey Uschi fell in love with the local textiles, the vibrant colours and craftsmanship. “The traditional techniques used to craft these pieces had a such a history to them, seemingly untouched by time – and yet it was easy to visualise them looking so at home in a contemporary setting,” Uschi told us. With extensive experience in the fashion industry as fashion designer for Saba, Uschi approached Fiona, a textile designer by trade, who immediately loved the product. The pair worked closely with local manufactures to establish Tekstil and formed a relationship with the traditionally family-run Turkish handloom makers.



A collector and an artist in her own right Melma Hamersfeld has been a long-standing member of the art and fashion communities. The early 70’s was when it all began. Although she started her career in jewellery and accessories, the move to fashion was an organic and natural progression. Melma is the woman behind Metalicus, a clever body wear concept that enjoyed international and national success.

Fast forward to today, Melma’s love of bold colour can be seen in her exciting new collection: Acrylic on Acrylic. The seamless lines and the architectural feel of her works emulate brightness with a clever play on the environment.

“My friend Mark Douglass, who I’ve known for a long time, suggested when I retired from Metalicus to join him at his new studio in Burnley Street. I thought it was such a great idea.” And so Melma joined the Burnley Street Studio.