Moreau Kusinoski Architects Win the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

French architectural studio Moreau Kusunoki Architectes have recently been named winner of the international Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition.

Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition-01 Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition-02 Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition-03 Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition-04 Share-Design-Bog_Moreau-Kusinoski-Architects-Win-the-Guggenheim-Helsinki-Design-Competition-05



Images by artefactorylab

The site proposed for the new museum is located in Helsinki’s South Harbour area, close to the centre of the city. The winning design firm, based in Paris, aimed to bring a new kind of architecture to the city whilst remaining respectful to the site and setting.

Their entry comprises of a cluster of dark pavilions linked by a series of internal courtyards and streetscapes, orientated to the city grid. The building expands and contracts according to the various activities and interactions of users, creating a place where art and society can intermingle. A glazed tower, lighting up at night like a lighthouse, rises from one side of the pavilions to create a lookout over the city’s waterfront.

The anonymous design competition, organised by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and judged by an 11-member panel, had over 1,750 entries, of which 6 were shortlisted, including Australian studio SMAR Architecture.