Sabine Marcelis & Luuk Van Den Broek Exhibit at Etage Project, Copenhagen

Etage Projects in Copenhagen is currently presenting, in a joint exhibition, the colourful works of Sabine Marcelis and Luuk van den Broek.

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Tincture – a substance that colours, dyes or stains, is the title of the exhibition that represents in a sensual way, qualities of colour and material. Both designers explore colour as a recurring theme throughout their work and this latest exhibition seeks to redefine colour as a subjective experience.

Luuk van den Broek, crossing the lines between art and industrial design has experimented with the industrial process of zinc electroplating to produce a series of pieces that creates new in-between colours, an exploration of moments in time.

Whereas Marcelis endeavours to create dialogues between object and user. Her work for Tincture, the ‘voie’ light series, seeks a beneficial relationship between neon lights and cast polyester resin – the interception and manipulation between the two materials enhancing the colour properties of the resin and highlighting the uniqueness of the materials where they meet.

Tincture is on at Gallery Etage Projects, Copenhagen, from the 1 May – 4 July 2015.