Yayoi Kusama at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

Whilst in Copenhagen last week we were fortunate to visit a retrospective of avant garde artist Yayou Kusama’s ‘In Infinity’ at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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The exhibition is a presentation of Kusama’s works from more than six decades and features a variety of the many artistic media in which she has worked: from visual art to performance, film, literature and design. A special feature of this exhibition is the involvement of Kusama’s work with fashion and design including the artist’s earliest, unique fashion design from the 1960s. In addition to this the exhibition displays a selection of Kusama’s youth works from Japan, which has never been exhibited before, examples of both her earliest and newer installation works and a new series of paintings, which the 86 year old Kusama has created specifically for the exhibition at Louisiana.
Yayoi Kusama ’s ‘In Infinity’ in Denmark is at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art until 20th January 2016.