Ikea’s ‘Sinnerlig’ collection by Ilse Crawford

The seemingly unlikely collaboration between furniture giant Ikea and London designer Ilse Crawford of Studioilse has proven to be a perfect partnership.

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Unveiled during Stockholm Design Week, The Sinnerlig collection features a range of natural materials and neutral tones designed to fit into any home. “It’s supposed to work in a bathroom in Mumbai as well as a kitchen in Neasdon, it has to fit into people’s lives,” said Crawford of the collection. Crawford’s design practice is human-centred, placing human needs and desires at the centre of all that she does, making her recent collaboration with Ikea somewhat perfect.

Sinnerlig consist of around 30 products, from larger furniture pieces such as cork-covered tables down to bamboo-lattice pendant lights and hand-blown glass bottles. The emphasis is placed on material combinations, with a clear focus on natural materials. “It is quite low key but we deliberately designed it like that. We see it as background, it’s not trying to compete with these fantastic icons of design – it’s a different thing. But we all need a number of lights that aren’t supposed to be waving at you,” explained Crawford.

The collection is expected to be available from Ikea in August this year.