Michael Young Creates Metal Rock & Hex Objects for Hedge Gallery

Designer Michael Young is internationally renown for pushing boundaries of experimental design and using the most innovative manufacturing skills to create industrial art.

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A passion for pioneering sees Young transforming industrial means and processes in new ways to deliver on a range of works, from interiors to technology, and his recent collaboration with Hedge Gallery in San Francisco, founded by Roth Martin and Steven Volpe, has brought on a new collection of work that that is both innovative and aesthetically unexpected.

Working with molten aluminium, Young has developed a set of tools in which the metal can be injected with high temperature gas under pressure, creating formations not dissimilar to rock and minerals, thus the collection ‘metal rock’. Colour is added to the exposed surface while the metal cools, resulting in a hand finished product.

In further explorations of the creative use of aluminium, Young has developed a second collection of objects, ‘hex’. Created out of computer renderings, ‘hex’ begins as a solid block and is then milled down using a specialised cutting process in a precision engineering plant, each piece taking 6 months to craft. The end result, a subtle multi-faceted work of industrial art that reflects Young’s innovative approach.