Tips & Trends: Floor Stains & Washes

Flooring is one of the most important areas of your home, yet one of the most difficult decisions to make. Light or dark, glossy, satin or matt. Will this floor finish be easy to live with or will it be high maintenance? Timber floor colours are also so hard to get right and require a little bit of patience and time. Preparation of the surface is key so once your floors have been sanded back they need to be completely clean, moisture and dust free.

After many years of trials, failures and successes with timber floor colours and stains we share our best ‘tried and tested’ floor finishes here.

Porter’s Paints Wood Wash & Porter’s Paints Clearcote

Porter’s Paints wood wash, creates a sense of coastal, Scandinavian casual elegance. We get the look in Scandinavian Summer House with Porter’s Paints Plain White. Wood Wash is a translucent coating that subtly softens and ages the appearance of bare timber, highlighting the grain and replicating the look of limed or bleached timber. Wood wash would be followed with a few coats of Porter’s Paints Clearcote.

Stylist Kara Rosenlund has applied wood wash in her living room and suggest sufficient time, good sanding preparation and the degree of humidity can affect the overall result.

Bona Naturale & Bona DriFast Stain White

Bona Naturale is a brilliant new product that provides timber floor protection and resistance to wear whilst achieving a completely raw, natural and unfinished look and feel of pure wood. Without the requirements of a traditional matting system Bona Naturale has a sheen level of only 6%. Naturale is a unique development made predominantly from renewable resources, no mineral oil or polymer, and contains no oils or synthetic polyurethane.

Bona DriFast Stain can be applied prior to Bona Naturale. Miranda wanted a completely natural, slightly light finish on her American Oak floorboards so she first applied Bona DriFast Stain White prior to the Bona Naturale. Bona Dri Fast Stain White avoids overlaps and any colour variations. It allows you to blend colour without having to flood the surface.

Whittle Waxes Treatex Traditional Spruce

Treatex Traditional is an oil and wax combination on a base of natural, sustainable raw materials including linseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candalilla wax. The product is a durable hard wax finish that is easily maintained, is water repellant and dirt resistant. It is available in a range of colours, our favourite is Spruce for it’s non yellowing and natural appearance, and four sheen levels from Matt to Gloss.

Feast Watson Prooftint Black Japan Mix for Timber Floors 

Feast Watson Black Japan is a traditional, semi transparent, black gloss timber stain. Black Japan’s use on floors in Australia began in the 1920’s an 1930’s to frame floor carpet squares around edges of rooms and hallways, but it was not intended to be walked on. It instead had a more decorative function on the floor. Today Black Japan is NOT recommended for floors. The same effect can be achieved with a Feast Watson Prooftint Black Japan Mix for timber floors of Black, Walnut, Teak Brown and Fungishield. Prooftint allows the full detail of the timber grain to show through. Once complete the stained floor can be finished with tung oil based Floorseal.

Feast Watson Liming Solution

Feast Watson Liming Solution is an oil based liming product imparts a soft milky effect to timber. Feast Watson Liming Solution is a stain that is wiped off after application to allow the natural grain of the timber to accentuate the washed limed appearance. Once complete the stained floor can be finished with tung oil based Floorseal.

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3 Responses to Tips & Trends: Floor Stains & Washes

  1. blacks and whites with sacrificial finishes like naturale are lovely for low traffic photoshoots etc, however if a practical industrial strength syrface is required I would suggest Loba procolor and maybe smoked oak for something more exotic, cheers

  2. The given samples in this post are very inspiring! This will surely delight those who have plans on remodeling or staining their current flooring. Those interested in such home improvement project will learn a lot from this post. Thanks for the info!

  3. FELL ON ICE says:

    We are looking into cork flooring for our new home. We have two toddler boys and three big dogs. I read your post, which by the way congrats on the kitchen, and was wondering how the cork was doing with the dog’s nails. Is it holding up well?

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