AMO Runway Design for Prada’s Fall 2015 Show

Prada went pastel for women’s fashion week earlier this year. The luxury fashion house collaborated with AMO once again on the runway design to showcase the Fall and Winter range.

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Rem Koolhaas’ AMO studio is no stranger to the world of fashion having collaborated with Prada many times before. The space was divided into a series of smaller rooms creating a sense of endless repetitions and symmetries. Painted in subtle tones of pink and green and accented with geometric aluminum inserts set within the floor, the space distorted the boundary between the real and the fake.

Pantsuits molded from a double-faced jersey featured in much of the collection; the hyper-smooth, sci-fi fabric (that we mistook for neoprene at first glance) came down the runway in incredible shades of pink and green and were paired with bright green leather gloves and brooches cut from Perspex. The collection continued Prada’s exploration of the relationship between women and men.