Body Building gymnasium exhibition at Atelier Biagetti

If there’s any gym equipment that will motivate you to work out, then it’s this eclectic collection by Atelier Biagetti. On the other hand, it may make you become a person of utmost leisure, seeing as the objects are actually firmly fixed.

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This irony and contrast between discipline and effort, and pure aesthetic enjoyment is the point being made by Milanese duo, designer Alberto Biagetti and artist Laura Baldassari. Challenging our expectations and perceptions, the pair launched ‘Body Building’ at Milan Design Week 2015 as a playful take on a world obsessed with health and exercise, but also with perfection. Inspired by, and maintaining the form and structure of regular gym equipment – a pommel horse, wall bars, rings, spaces for floor exercise – the static pieces oppose the movement they evoke. Rings become an elaborate aluminium and brass chandelier, a series of steel dumbbells hold a crystal table top, the silver leather pommel horse becomes a bench for relaxation, and the markings of the sports courts are printed into luxurious carpet. The sense of effort that usually comes with working out is overruled by the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship, precious materials, faultless details and perfect finishes. The exquisite quality of the creations combined with the short-circuit it creates between aesthetics and function is what makes this ‘anti-gym’ so attractive.


Photography: Marco Cappelletti & Delfino Sisto Legnani