A Casual Conversation With Piero Lissoni

With sincere thanks to Space Furniture last week in Milan I had the incredible opportunity to meet with one of the most inspiring multi disciplinary designers and architecture masters of our generation, Piero Lissoni. Needless to say, and given my utmost respect for Lissoni, my heart fluttered as I entered the Living Divani Pavillion to meet the well respected architect.


We casually spoke about his inspirations and design process, what has sparked my curiosity for many years since first staying at the Lissoni designed Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem and subsequently falling in love with his countless furniture designs for Living Divani, Porro and Cassina.


Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem by Piero Lissoni

It wasn’t long before Piero passionately shared his humanistic and ‘contaminated’ approach developed from years of travelling the globe, mixing elements from the countries and cultures he has experienced. Cultural contamination and what he calls an ‘anti T.rex’ approach are Lissoni’s secret! Needless to say the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam is one of his proudest projects, one in which the architecture and interior are truly combined.

‘Design without production is an empty world’ was how Piero described the design, manufacture and production environment in Australia. He confirmed that we need to nurture production and manufacturing to have a sustainable design community in Australia. To be a designer is a day by day discussion, a day by day fighting to develop a new product or a new range. ‘Discussion and clashing is design.’

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Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam by Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni for Living Divani 2015

With its five different settings of a luxurious hotel or dream home, the Living Divani stand at Salone del Mobile designed by Piero Lissoni, is a sophisticated contemporary refuge with warm and natural tones absorbs the energies and tensions, giving unexpected moments of relaxation.

Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury: these are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned company, that has made its trademark of upholstery. Since 1988 in his dual role as art director and designer, Piero Lissoni has led the Living Divani’s unique style made of discretion and formal neutrality, lightness and dynamism. A calibrated design that combines clean lines with functionality and comfort.

Essential silhouettes and tailoring codes are the essence of Living Divani’s new collection.

Natural materials such as hide, leather, rope and wicker, whether woven or quilted with artisan skills, rediscovering precious traditions of the past, are combined with closed weave textiles.

The new Easy Lipp sofa designed by Piero Lissoni – Neat, silent, and, at the same time, unexpected in its details, such as the details with sewn stitching on seat cushions, or its slender metallic legs.



Living Divani Easy Lipp Sofa

 Living Divani has edited new versions of the iconic The Frog armchair designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni and considered the pioneer of low, wide proportions as a new way to live in a more relaxed manner. Living Divani has rediscovered the thick design in cellulose rope of the original model, which gives life to a full, homogenous texture.

Without changing the unique design and characteristics of lightness, essentiality, multi-use possibilities, the renewal work focuses on the choice of materials and new ways of proposing them.



Living Divani Frog Scooby


Living Divani Frog Cellulosa

Another Living Divani must-have is the Gray armchair designed by Piero Lissoni in 2011, which has been revived with new materials. a basic armchair that is also delicate, now available as well with a woven backrest in the precious materials available in the collection.



Living Divani Gray Archair

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