Nadja Apartment by Point Supreme Architects

A rising pink sun greets the occupants of the Nadja Apartment, designed by Point Supreme Architects in Athens, Greece.

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Photographer: Yannis Drakoulidis

The family residence, rich in textures and colourful graphics, was formed by connecting two apartments on subsequent floors by a central staircase that features as the home’s anchor. This central staircase, rising up with the painted sun, not only functions as a connector between the two levels, but it also incorporates the kitchen and living room cupboards. The result is an open, flexible layout where screens, partitions, and curtains are visually combined with custom made joinery, cupboards, seats, shelves and tables.

The upper level contrasts the lower level in spatial experience with bedrooms designed in two counterparts – an open social type space and a more intimate private zone. Beautifully patterned floors inspired by the Greek island location pay compliments to the architecture.

Point Supreme Architects was founded by Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou in Rotterdam in 2007. Now based in Athens, their work integrates research, architecture, urbanism, landscape and urban design.