Places & Spaces | Split View Mountain Lodge by Reiulf Ramstad Arkiteckter

Attention to detail, form and materiality, and Norwegian building traditions, are what make this Split View Mountain Lodge by Reiulf Ramstad Arkiteckter an example of a contemporary take on time-honored mountain lodges.










Photographer: Søren Tougher Nielsen

The family holiday home is located in a popular skiing and hiking destination near the village of Geilo in Norway and features four bedrooms, living and dining, children’s lounge and mezzanine, and an additional annex to accommodate guests. The elongated layout of the lodge follows the natural contours of the mountain slope with multiple levels and split living zones. The result is a plan that produces three characteristic split views through end walls that are fully glazed, framing the spectacular scenery.

The kitchen is at the heart of the lodge and offers up a cantilevered glass fibre reinforced concrete bench, anchored by a double sided fireplace that then opens onto the elevated dining space. A second fireplace is beautifully suspended in the living room, and niches situated in various places of the outer walls provide ample seating for relaxation. The main bedroom opens on to a gable-shaped window, and smaller openings are strategically placed to provide more glimpses of the beautiful surroundings.

The lodge is a beautiful interpretation of traditional ski chalets, with high pitched ceilings and timber materials. It’s facade is a silver timber skin that is made to fade over time to a grey patina which will blend in with its natural environment, and the interior walls, floors and ceilings are lined with a knot-free timber. Doors and opening frames are kept concealed by quality detailing.

A luxurious mountain getaway, it perches beautifully within its surroundings.

Photography: Søren Harder Nielsen