Tips & Trends | Dark & Moody Interior Inspiration by Shareen Joel Design

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a room that is filled with character. For us at Shareen Joel Design, the greatest way to achieve that is by creating a bold interior that speaks its own language. Today, we share our experience and tips for creating dark and moody interior spaces.


Photo: Maison Champs Elysees


Photography: Romain Ricard


Photography: Romain Ricard


Photography: Martin Guggisberg


Photography: Martin Guggisberg


Photography: Martin Guggisberg


Photography: Martin Guggisberg



Photo: Buster and Punch


Photo: Buster and Punch


Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Photography: Henry Bourne



Photography: Tommaso Sartori Studio


Photo: Tommaso Sartori Studio

As designers at Shareen Joel Design it’s not very often that we are asked to design interiors that are dark and moody, but some of the most inspiring spaces we have seen are in fact over run by darker tones. Not only is it a nice way to create a comforting and cosy space within a house, but it can be a nice change to create a slightly more masculine and moody interior.

A good place to start is to select a base colour for your walls that you feel comfortable working with. A few favourites that we can recommend are Dulux Domino, Murobond Aural Sea, Porter’s Paints Boncote White Rhino and Grigio, Taubmans Virginia Blue and Wattyl Mosaic Blue. You can see our entire selection of paints in the Share Design Library. Another option to look at is the use of textured finishes and specialty paints like Porters Paints and Plaster finishes. These will offer the same dark tones, but have softness to them thanks to the texture and variation in tone.

Too often people steer away from using dark finishes in fear of making the space feel smaller, and while that can sometimes be the case, it isn’t always a bad thing! Darker finishes and furnishings will help in creating a cosy space, and can be a great change for study spaces or more formal lounges. However, there is one little trick we will share that will help to achieve that cosy feeling without making it too ‘claustrphobic’, and that is to treat the ceiling as a separate entity. Painting the ceiling white will help to increase the perceived room height and give relief to the space.

If you are daring enough to take on a darker palette, we recommend including lots of layers and textures. Timbers and soft furnishings with similar dark tones will break up the space, offering personality and creating that moody space that speaks for itself.

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