Viabizzuno’s Sydney Showroom

Viabizzuno truly are one of the most beautiful lighting companies we have seen – everything from their wall lights to pendant lights and everything inbetween.

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The Italian company was first founded 1994 by Mario Nanni who wanted to deliver lighting that took on more than just the practical function of lighting a space. Nanni wanted to create products that took on the qualities of architecture and design to create a cohesive solution to design.

The quality, precision, love and care that goes in to each and every product is truly unbelievable. Each fitting is an individual project, telling its own story through form, function, and materiality. The level of perfection in creating each product has been translated whole-heartedly into Viabizzuno’s showrooms throughout the world, and particularly Sydney.

The converted top floor of the 30’s industrial building in Chippendale is home to the Sydney showroom – the first in Australia for Viabizzuno – and it is fair to say that Mario Nanni does not do things in halves. Every element of the showroom has been considered and designed to perfection, while still holding on to and being respective of the industrial elements of the building.

What we particularly warm to is the considered and refined aesthetic of Viabizzuno – the proportion, materiality, mood of each fitting is spot on every time, as are their showrooms. Did we also mention that they are one of the few companies that still manufacture entirely in Italy?

As Mario Nanni once said “Something designed without passion is experienced without pleasure”.

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