What’s Happening | Hyper-Natural : Scent from Art to Design at NGV

Spring is in the air and the National Gallery of Victoria garden is smelling divine with the installation of  a new kind of sensory experience. Filled with scented clouds and thousands of flowers from daffodils to pansies, the back garden of the NGV has become a sanctuary worth putting nose to air.





New York curator of Olfactory Art Chandler Burr has created an exploration in scent design with the installation of seven scent stations set up throughout the garden. Each station is shrouded in manmade clouds and contains specially selected scent molecules paired with a perfume in which the molecule is a featured design element. The maze of clouds tell a story of olfactory innovation and design, starting with the scent molecules created in the 1850’s and moving towards the more sophisticated scents of modern day.

The exhibition aims to recognise scent as an important design medium and as a thoughtful, fascinating and intricate art. It is the first Australian exhibition to acknowledge scent and its relationship with design and provides an opportunity to shift  perceptions in an emotional and poetic way.

Hyper-Natural: Scent from Art to Design is on at the National Gallery of Victoria from 25 September – 30 November 2014.