World Architecture News 2014 Landscape Winner: Noma by Polyform Architects

Award winning restaurant Noma, recently teamed up with acclaimed architectural office Polyform, to create this magnificent landscape.

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Restaurant Noma has been named “The World’s Best Restaurant” for the fourth time this year. Praised by food critics and foodies around the world, the Danish restaurant has earned its place on the global map. With a wait of up to two months for a table, Noma also attracts foodies without reservations, eager to get a glimpse of the innovative dishes being served. Finding the voyeurs distracting, Noma called upon Polyform Architects for a design solution. Chef Rene Redzepi didn’t want to exclude the curious onlookers, but rather create a buffer zone, allowing visitors to still experience Noma.

Specializing in transforming complex problems into beautiful, functional and sustainable architecture, Polyform designed a Nordic landscape around the restaurant giving pilgrims a taste of what’s inside, without disturbing diners. Like the new Noridc cuisine Noma specialises in, the landscape design is inspired by the Nordic terroir. The Nordic Garden features robust evergreen plants from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norways along with lava stones from Iceland to reflect the Nordic region’s rugged beauty. Cut directly out of the raw concrete harbour front that surrounds the 18th century building housing Noma, the intervention designed by Polyform addressed the brief whilst pushing the boundaries of the typology.