Samsung TV by Bouroullec Brothers

French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have partnered with Samsung to create a new television with a unique ‘I’-shaped profile called Serif.

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It’s difficult to redesign the TV as the familiar rectangular form is somewhat predetermined by the nature of broadcasting. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Serif departs from the traditional television design and is more like an object that can be moved around in the home like any other piece of furniture, “The motive was to make an object that sits properly in the world we live in,” Erwan explained. “One of the key points was to move away from ultra-thin screens,” Bouroullec said. “There was no more language – a black flat screen is a black flat screen.”

The Bouroullec brothers thoughtfully designed a bespoke user interface and remote control. “We got total freedom, so we pretty much did everything. Serif is quite complete – inside and outside.” The user interface allows viewers to cover what’s on the screen with a graphic translucent filter called Curtain Mode. “You can just shut down the live content like you would pull a curtain in front of a window,” Bouroullec said.

The sleek ‘I’-shaped form allows the base to rest on top of other object, whilst the same flat top functions as a shelf for ornaments or books. The collection features three different colours and sizes; white, red and dark blue, and 40, 32 and 24-inch screen, the two larger come with four tubular screw in legs. A fabric panel on the back hides all the ports and cables, so it can sit away from the wall. The magnets on the back of the panel provide easy access, “So you can easily open it, plug in as much as you want, and then close it.”

Often hesitant to work with large consumer companies, “The thought of working with such a huge company as Samsung didn’t immediately appeal to us. We thought they’d be grey men, but when we met their team they were normal people, with a sense of humour – we realised we could work with them.” Ronan said of the collaboration.

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