Tips & Trends: Compact Living In Small Spaces

Sometimes I just dream of living in a really small space… long as there is loads of natural light of course. Just imagine, I could cull all my stuff and keep only what I really, really need, love and value. Why you may ask would I wish that upon myself? Well funnily enough the smaller your space the smarter you become in terms of clever storage and space solutions.

Start by paring back to what you really need and use and don’t be afraid of the old saying “If in doubt throw it out!” This doesn’t mean you remove all your personality and personal style. It just means buying what you really love and need and that will ‘grow’ with you. In compact space furniture can be multi-functional and flexible. This approach can be quite liberating.

Space is an absolute premium! More and more people are moving into smaller spaces so with all our smart solutions on Share Design and many which are designed especially for compact living we wanted to hone in on our favourite trends and tips.

Flexibility & multipurpose – There’s no reason why your furniture can’t be multi-purpose and flexible. A stool as a bedside table or even an extra dining chair. The Ikea Frosta Stool is the perfect example. Joinery that folds out or defines a space is also handy- a pull out shelf becomes a desk or a bed. The new Alessi Piana Chair is a stylish version of the old folding chair and even looks great hang on the wall.

Organised storage solutions – As you probably know by now we absolutely LOVE clever storage solutions (see our storage ideas for the home) There’s nothing like the feeling of clearing out what you don’t need and getting organised! It’s like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders and makes a world of difference to the actual space you have .

Make the most of the what you have – the best use of space is key, choose furniture and shelves that fit into just the right spot and choose something ‘light’ so it doesn’t feel cramped or overwhelming for the space.

Be selective & invest in quality that will ‘grow’ with you – Look at every purchase with a discerning eye. I know it can sometimes be hard to resist the temptation but try to only buy what you really love and need. Make sure it’s something you can keep forever and will be flexible in years to come regardless of the next home you may move in to- big or small.

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Photos: Image 1 & 2 – Source: Richard Peters Associates, Image 3 – Source: Remodelista, Image 4 – Source: Casapapaioannou, Image 5 & 6 – Source: Dezeen, Image 7 – Ikea