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Choosing the best appliances for your home can be tricky. Whether building or renovating, or simply replacing the old with new, the vast amount and variety of products to choose from can be very confusing. Here’s a few tips to help narrow down that choice and make an informed decision.


Kitchen with all freestanding appliances | Designer: Melanie Ireland with Vincent Van Duysen


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Integrated appliances and Zip HydroTap | Designer: Shareen Joel Design | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Energy Efficiency – Did you know that home appliances can account for up to 30% of your energy use? With electricity and gas prices on the rise it is becoming even more important to choose energy efficient appliances to save you energy and money and reduce your household emissions. Many appliances now come with an Energy Rating Label that shows how much electricity is used to run it in comparison to other appliances. Higher rated appliances can be more expensive to purchase, however, the long term benefit of saving more energy and money outweighs the initial outlay.

Consider the use of induction cooktops. They allow for instant heat control and rapidly transfer the heat from the element, directly to the pan. The technology means that none of the air or surface around the pan is heated, minimising energy output. Induction cooktops are also a lot safer to use as the possibilities of burn injuries are reduced. Bertazzoni‘s range of appliances are great for the professional chef at home and their products are 99% recyclable. The 90 Induction Hob uses induction technology with flexible cooking zones accommodating full sized cookware. The pot detection system, booster functions and touch control all allow for an easy cooking experience while saving on energy.

Choosing ovens with fan control and insulated materials can also make a big impact on energy reduction. Bertazzoni‘s 76 Electric Oven XT has a balanced airflow system which means that heat is evenly distributed allowing you to reduce the temperature heating and save on electricity. The quadruple-insulated glass doors and insulating materials in the oven cavity keep heat in, further improving its energy efficiency.

Water saving – Water efficiency is also an important factor to consider when choosing home appliances. Choosing the right ones will not only save you water, but also costs, and if you’re using water that’s being heated then it can also save you energy. Water-efficient appliances still get the job done but use less water doing it and can affect your water usage for years to come.

Check out V-ZUG‘s range of products. The Adora S Washing Machine‘s rinse cycle monitors the cleanliness of the rinsed water, meaning the cycle is shortened while producing the same results, and reduces water consumption by 30%. Its Vibration Absorbing Systems also allows for the machine to be in perfect balance the whole time. The Adora SL Dishwasher with new innovative technology also has an Automatic function which measures how dirty the dishes are and selects the right wash programme to use appropriately. This causes a reduction in not only water, but time and energy as well.

Other time and money savers – Boiling and chilled taps can be a great asset in any kitchen with boiling and chilled water available at a push of a button. They can save time, are a fraction of the cost of bottled water and save on plastic in landfill. Zip HydroTaps use micron filter technology which means water is filtered 25 times finer and the tiniest of impurities are removed for healthier drinking and cooking. We recommend HydroTap – Compact 2. The NSF rating means that the filters are tested and certified and Power-Pulse technology minimises your power consumption. Every drop of water is dispensed at the right temperature so nothing is wasted while waiting for it to cool or heat, meaning a reduction in water usage as well. If you’re a fan of sparking water then you may want to check out HydroTap Sparkling.

Style -While it’s important to choose appliances that can help save time, energy and money, it is also important to choose the right appliances to suit your home’s style, family requirements and aesthetics.

Integrated appliances are popular choices for contemporary homes as they offer a clean, sleek look while remaining functional. We suggest Subzero Wolf: Integrated Refrigerator & FreezerFisher & Paykel: Cool Drawer and the Electrolux: Integrated BBQ for outside. However you may prefer a semi, rather than fully, integrated dishwasher such as the Bosch: Semi Integrated Dishwasher. The control panel remains visible allowing for easier use.

If you have a country style home then freestanding appliances often look best. We suggest Bertazzoni’s 90 6-Burner Electric Oven with gas cooktop. You may also want to look at Lacanche’s range of freestanding ovens – the Freestanding Convection Oven, Integrated Grill and Storage Drawer, comes in a range of colours to suit your country home and make a statement.

For those with big families or those who do lots of entertaining, Bertazzoni’s Professional Range may be best suited to your lifestyle. From an Italian heritage, they combine technology and a love of food, with functional and ergonomic design to create ovens with easy to use controls that deliver on performance.

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