Tips & Trends: Choosing The Right Paint Colour

I have learnt the hard way that colour needs to be appropriate to the application and context. What you see on a paint chip doesn’t always translate on a larger scale. Trust me there are some dodgy coloured Ford’s (from my days at Ford Motor Company) still driving the streets almost 20 years later, and I still cringe every time I see them. What I very quickly learnt was that scale plays a huge part in getting colour ‘just right’.

When it come to houses there are so many considerations when choosing the right paint colour. Interior versus exterior, north versus south also play a major part, horizontal versus vertical surfaces. That’s why I always recommend doing a few paint brush outs with sample pots because every surface changes the hues of colours. Different colours suit different surfaces and different styles of interiors. I prefer a warmer white for classic, homes where as a more ‘natural white’ (if there is exactly such a thing) suits more contemporary style homes. The same goes for darker colours. In some spaces what looks warm on a colour chip looks can look purple on the walls.

A colour is always more subdued and ‘relaxed’ when used externally when the natural light and sunshine come into play. Colours tend to be stronger and more vibrant internally.

I prefer to paint an entire room in a ‘feature colour’ an definitely not just one wall. Featured coloured rooms works best in a study or warm and cosy lounge rooms. You can try painting the walls and trim (skirting boards, cornices and architraves) in the same colour and then also test just painting the walls in the feature colour. Either way it needs to suit the style of the home and flow into other rooms (that’s why more often than not I just paint the walls so the trim is consistent with other rooms)

Don’t be afraid to paint joinery a different colour to the walls.

So you see you only really make colour mistakes once (or maybe twice) before you become ‘gun shy’ and then you see how important paint brush-outs can be.

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Credits: Shareen JoelAesop, Studio Ilse, Gubi, Penny Hay, Mijulee, Vincent Van Duysen