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How the year has flown! It’s that time of year again where we take pride in decorating, styling, wrapping and entertaining within our homes. It’s a season for celebrating the people we love and appreciating the time and effort they have all collectively put into making this part of the year so special.

We’ve put together our Tips & Trends for this year’s festive season and combined them with these beautiful images that we just had to share!


Photographer: Brooke Holm | Stylist: Marsha Golemac


Photographer: Brooke Holm | Stylist: Marsha Golemac

Christmas Styling

Including the items you love, layered with brief but bold accents of colour, is our full proof approach to Christmas styling. Simple green plants, nestled with accents of gold or white objects provide an elaborate but refined result when styling.

Food & Entertaining

With an abundance of decorations and food at Christmas time, it can sometimes be easy for things to get lost on the table. We recommend simple but graphic shapes and neutral colours to take charge of the table. A neutral base of white or light grey is a starting point before layering crockery, decorations and utensils on the table, all in neutral but warmer tones of wood, stoneware, and ceramics. The scene is now set for the textural and enticing food to take centre stage.



Source: Fleur


Photographer: An Magritt

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Image 01: Stylist & Photographer: Mette Wotkjær | Image 02: Stylist: Johanna Pilfalk | Photographer: Sara Landstedt


Image 01: Stylist: Johanna Pilfalk | Photographer: Sara Landstedt | Image 02: Stylist & Photographer: Mette Wotkjær

Decorating the Home

Glassware, a white backdrop and timber features are the basic elements to incorporate when decorating your home this holiday season. With these fundamentals in place, effective accents with paper decorations, candles and calming cuttings from the garden allow the room to come alive.



Once the hard part of searching, sourcing and buying gifts is over, it’s time to conquer the wrapping! Again, simplicity is the key, with neutral paper and twine a definite favourite of ours. Baker’s twine is easily accessible and comes in many colours allowing you to match or contrast with your paper. An alternative to paper, are these lovely plain boxes – paired here with matching twine and oversized gift tags as a feature. We also love the simple cuttings from the garden that have been graciously tucked into these wrapped goodies – simple and personalised for that special someone.