Tips & Trends: Flooring that Defines Your Space

Our regular edition of Tips & Trends has seen us cover all things from ‘How to Choose the Right Paint Colour‘ to ‘Compact Living in Small Spaces‘ and even ‘Design for Outdoors‘. Today, we help you select the right flooring with our Tips & Trends on ‘Flooring that Defines Your Space’.

Flooring is one of the most important elements to get right in any space. Being one of the largest surfaces in your home, flooring is extremely crucial in defining a space – your surface really will have a big impact on style, mood and atmosphere. Typically we see carpettimber flooring and stone tiles throughout homes and today we are sharing with you a few tips on how to go about selecting these finishes

Before you can begin however, it is important to work out the type of space you would like to create. You need to consider the lighting, size of the room and the use. If you have a space that is limited in size or natural light, we really recommend selecting a lighter colour. And of course if you have an abundance of natural light and the luxury of a slightly more spacious home, we recommend selecting a warmer, richer tone.


Combination of concrete and timber throughout ABE House by Urban Architecture Office


Timber flooring with Moroccan Rug in Kapellgränd 6B Home


Timber flooring with Turkish Jijim Rug by Architect William Smalley


Timber flooring and travertine throughout Zurich Contemporary Home by Architect Gus Wustemann


Much like stone flooring, timber is a beautiful honest material which is so enjoyable underfoot. Not only is it a natural material, but it adds a beautiful warmth and interest to any space.

There are endless options available, making timber flooring a versatile option for almost any style home. However, this can mean that the process of selecting timber can be daunting!

Mafi Timber is a particular favourite in our studio – all products are 100% natural with incredible health benefits. Having specified Mafi Timber products for a number of projects, we can recommend their products for almost any space.

It is important to start by working out the feel you want to create. If you want to create a warm rustic space, then we recommend looking to some of the richer coloured and textured timbers. Mafi Swiss Stone Pine Natural Oil  has a beautiful rustic surface with large knots, while their range of Oak timber boards have a beautiful soft textured grain available in a range of finishes.

To create a fresh and ‘airy’ feel we really recommend Mafi Timbers’s range of light timbers, particularly PineLarch and Fir timbers.

For more information about selecting the right timber and finish see our Tips & Trends on Beautiful Timber Flooring – you can’t go wrong!

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Marble flooring throughout Fagerström House by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects


Travertine flooring throughout Manhattan Loft by Descience Laboratories

Stone Tiles

There is something about the nature of stone that is so honest – the natural appearance and feeling underfoot is grounding and really does make for a beautiful floor finish.

However, the nature of the stone means it can be slightly tricky to select. To begin with, it is important to be aware of all the different variations in colour, grain, and texture that stone offers. Often it is best to visit a stone supplier (we love to use CDK Stone) to get a feel for the different variations and to see what is suitable for your particular application.

One of the biggest decisions to make is whether you prefer cross cut stone or vein cut – your choice will make a huge difference to the look you are left with. ‘Cross cut’ stone is cut across the vein, while ‘vein cut’ stone (see CDK Stone Travertine) is cut with the vein. More often than not we prefer vein cut, as this leaves a beautiful linear aesthetic.

Naturally some stone tiles will be more porous than others so it is important to select a ‘filler’ for these porous little holes – we recommend using a colour that is close to the lightest tone in the stone itself (see CDK Stone Classic Filled Travertine and Roman Classic Unfilled Travertine to see the difference). And while this will help to prolong the life and wear of the stone, it is not completely full-proof, so you need to also consider the placement of these more porous and brittle tiles. Speaking from experience, we recommend specifically putting these tiles in areas that are not high traffic (along the walls and in the corners). This will ensure that the ‘hardest’ or ‘strongest’ tiles can be used in high traffic areas to ensuring longevity.

Finally, the most important part of using stone tiles on your floors is sealing it with the correct sealer. You need to select one that will seal the stone without changing colour and without scratching over time. There are endless options available, so we recommend speaking to your stone supplier to work out what is best for you.

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Carpet in Spanish Converted Factory by Ricardo Bofill


Melbourne Modern Home by Carr Design, Get The Look with Cavalier Bremworth Mystique Geige

Carpet and Rugs

Carpet is by far the best way to soften a space – whether it is in a living area or in the bedroom, it is a floor finish that will always bring warmth, texture and a sense of comfort.

There are three main ‘types’ of carpets that we can recommend – ‘loop pile’, ‘cut pile’ and a combination of both. ‘loop & cut pile’.

Loop pile is a versatile carpet offering either a casual or classic look. It is easy to maintain, visually consistent, and shows little wear in high traffic areas. On the other hand, cut pile is a little more luxurious and softer underfoot. It does, however, often show variation in direction and footprints, and over time it will naturally wear more. Loop & cut pile is a combination of the two and is a great way of introducing texture and tonal variation without being too obvious.

All types of carpet are available in many different materials, but wool carpet is often our choice. Not only is it extremely durable, but because it is natural, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. Cavalier Bremworth’s collection of wool carpets, particularly their Mystique range in Touchstone and Moleskin, are graded extra heavy duty and are extremely durable – a safe and beautiful option.

When selecting either type of carpet it is really important to consider the join lines. Whether it is a join between two lengths of carpet or a join between two different floor materials, we always try and minimise the appearance. If possible, ensure that these join lines meet at a doorway or another defining point.

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Finally, if you are using a combination of different floor finishes it is crucial to consider the transition between them. Always make sure they meet at a defining point, like a door way, and where possible take in to consideration the varying heights. If all else fails, just remember to always try and make the transition as seamless as possible!

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